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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oprah's Sister...Wow! Brought tears to my eyes

I didn't hear the news about Oprah's sister until this morning while watching Good Morning America and my God! I could relate to her long lost sister Patricia. I too had that lifelong urge to know who gave birth to me and to know the circumstances surrounding my adoption. Unlike Patricia, I did not find a famous sister, but very much like Patricia, I too wanted to know my biological family and this precious piece of information about my origins meant more than money, fame or some news story to be sold to the press. I send tons of kudos to Patricia for staying true to her heart and never giving up her desire to be reunited with her original family.  Family and knowing about your beginnings far outweighs money and fame as this touching reunion demonstrates.
Maybe, just maybe...this reunion between Oprah and her long-lost adopted sister will bring some light to the issue of Adoptee's in America not having legal access to their own vital birth information in 42 states.  It's crazy but in New Jersey, I still do not have the right to see my original birth certificate even though I am in reunion with both my birth mother and birth father.
I'll keep watching this story...bringing tears to my eyes...

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