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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finding My Other Mother

There are many books available about what it's like growing up being adopted, tips on how to search for your birth-parents, touching stories of reunions, and many guides about the in and outs of lifelong searches.  My memoir focuses on another aspect in "Adoption" which is rarely discussed:  What happens after you find your birthmother or birthfather?  How does your adoptive family react?  How does the biological family react?  Is is possible to maintain some sort of relationship after all the hoopla settles?
What we have been exposed to thus far on television shows like Oprah and the random newspaper or magazine story focus only on the moment the reunion takes place with lost family members.  Although highly entertaining, these are short sentimentalized stories that only brush the surface of the actual reality of what really happens post-reunion.
My memoir delves into this unrevealed area. I did not write my story only to tell how or why I searched for my birth-mother as there are so many books currently flooding the market on this topic.  My memoir, however, was written to share with everyone the true repercussions that inevitably occur after  being reunited with a birth-parent.  My story vividly tells what happens after "Finding My Other Mother".

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