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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The World of Ballroom Dancing

Every season as Dancing with the Stars premieres on television I am transported back to my origins.  My birth parents were Professional Ballroom Dance Instructors at the same studio back in the 1960's, hence why I came to be, and they often partnered for special event competitions. Their attire wasn't as colorful or flashy as the majority of the contestants wear today, however, the simplicity of long and flowing ballroom gowns the women wore back then does hold a certain allure even to this day. For that reason, I especially enjoy watching the stars dance the Waltz and the Quick Step on the show.
After I found my birth mother, she taught me and my husband how to dance as well. And believe me it is not as easy as it looks on Dancing with the Stars!  There are a lot of steps to memorize and practice over and over... What really impressed me about Professional Dance Instructors then and now is the fact that they have to know both male and female steps and be able to switch roles in order to demonstrate and practice with the couple they are teaching. I was having enough trouble with my role!  Like I quoted in my memoir, "I think I missed my calling to be a dancer" because I don't think I'd get very far if I was on Dancing with the Stars.
For my wedding we did dance a Waltz (bit of a spoiler here but you'll have to read my memoir to get all the rest of the wedding details!). In the meantime, another season of Dancing with the Stars is upon us again and I look forward to reliving the glamorous dancing atmosphere which dominated the circumstances of my beginnings.

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