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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AdoptLit: Day 1 of the Sound of Hope book tour

Please follow along on the Book Tour for "The Sound of Hope".
Follow this link where you will be brought to the first stop on the tour, Lori Lavender Luz's page, who is the tour leader.  Read her responses to the discussion questions posed by the participants in the tour and then move on to the next stop, links to the next stops are on Lori's page.  Please join in on the discussion by commenting on any issue you feel drawn to.
Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks, Anne! The others on this book tour would love to hear the thoughts of your readers -- thanks for spreading the word and inviting peopel to comment. Also, thanks for providing us with such an insightful book to discuss. You gave us much to think about and talk about!

  2. I made a few stops on the tour already pulled away due to EMT calls but I will check back in again tonight. This is my first experience with book tours and I am loving your format and the way that everyone gets a chance to comment at each stop. I plan to join one myself as a participant as I am constantly reading anyway!
    Glad you are all enjoying my memoir. My main goal in writing it was to bring to light the plight of the adoptee as there are only a handful of memoirs out there that address the issues that I faced.

  3. I hope you have connected with some kindred spirits. I have really enjoyed this group and our subject matter :-)

  4. Yes I have Lori, thank you! I would love to be a participant in any future tours that you organize.